employer branding

visibilité et recrutement

visibility and recruitment

The “war for talent” is raging, and your organization's lack of visibility is significantly hampering your ability to attract quality candidates. At our firm, we understand the importance of choosing the right communication channels to optimize your presence on the job market. With our expertise in employer branding, we'll help you shine and attract the resources you need.

candidats de qualité

quality candidates

Attracting candidates who match your functional, business and technical requirements, as well as your corporate culture, is a real challenge. That's where the power of a well-defined Employee Value Proposition (EVP) lies. We'll work with you to develop a solid EVP. Together, we'll work hand-in-hand to highlight the values that make your company a place where your employees thrive.

réduction du turn-over

reduced staff turnover

Excessive turnover can be costly and disruptive for any organization. We understand that employee retention is essential. That's why we implement actions consistent with your message to create a great employee experience. By aligning reality with promise, we'll reduce your turnover rate, reinforcing your company's stability.

réputation renforcée

enhanced reputation

A bad reputation can have lasting consequences. Whether it's a poor employee experience, lack of visibility or negligence in the recruitment process, we have the expertise to turn things around. Our comprehensive approach to employer branding will help improve your image, attracting quality candidates and increasing your attractiveness.

sensibilisation des managers

raising managers' awareness

Making managers aware of the importance of employer branding is essential to ensure their involvement in building an outstanding team. Our approach is to promote a better management style and turn your employees into enthusiastic ambassadors. By working with us, your managers will understand how employer branding can make a significant contribution to their business objectives through a company-wide approach.

We are determined to help you overcome these challenges by using co-construction as a lever.