Onboarding Diagnostic & Performance


Measurability: finally establishing the link between Management and Productivity, right from the onboarding phase

The Onboarding Diagnostic & Performance – DP [On]™ – is a tool-based approach providing the means to effectively assess and monitor the impact of management on teams during the key phase of onboarding new employees. No goodies, no intrusive questionnaires, no useless social barometer, no corridor noises; our analyses are based solely on your organization's social data and the observation of mindset discrepancies between management, human resources and employees


Sustainability: reconciling economic impact with continuous improvement of engagement

Because measurement is nothing without action, the DP [On]™ is coupled with a qualitative frame of reference for analyzing factors of engagement at work, the Managerial Vigilance Framework, to provide management and human resources with the keys to acting continuously and responsibly on the aspirations of their employees.


Challenges: not confusing Work and Employment, Management and Human Resources, Individual Aspirations and Team Spirit

The recruitment and onboarding processes are generally flawed. This raises questions for HR departments and recruitment firms about a state of mind that is overwhelmed by urgency and sometimes hasty decisions. For many organizations, it's a double whammy: they exhaust themselves recruiting and fail to retain their new employees. Their fault is that they refuse to question or evaluate the quality of their management, ignoring the adage "You don't leave a company, you leave your manager". Unsuccessful recruitment is costly in human, organizational and economic terms, as well as for the image of the organization as a whole.


Let's take action together!

The collaboration between Scyllage and Mozart Consulting, creator of the DP [On]™ and the IBET™, the Workplace Well-Being Index, now provides a tangible response to companies that refuse the statu quo, are willing to make a realistic, objective assessment of the quality of their management and recruitment, and to draw the necessary conclusions. Even if the consequences are not pleasant.

Frameworks for impact measurement and continuous improvement of engagement over the onboarding period

Onboarding Diagnostic & Performance

Using data to measure engagement loss over the onboarding period

DP [On]

Managerial Vigilance Framework

Act as early as possible on the levers of intrinsic motivation at work