the (new) war for talent

the (new) war for talent

The biggest challenges faced by leaders for running their business successfully are sourcing, attracting, developing, and retaining the right talents for their organizations. One can witness for several years a growing number of disengaged and unmotivated employees, and an overall disconnect within organizations. For instance, the loss of competitiveness of companies, due solely to a lack of employee commitment, reached 295 B€ in France last year, i.e. 12.2% of the nation's GDP[1]. Hence the need to hire the talents highly compatible with your organisation's metabolism, culture, and DNA, thanks to our founder's entrepreneurial vision and the GRI™ behavioural profiling.

[1] study source: Mozart Consulting

an uphill battle

an uphill battle

Be honest with yourself: sourcing, attracting and securing the right talents needed by your organization is actually an uphill battle, accrued by the intense war for talent in our western countries, and the inability for most senior managers to deal with the new generations, stigmatized by the millennials.
Partnering with Scyllage is not only a comfortable way for you to outsource the search for the talents you need, it is ultimately a guarantee that these new resources will adapt and fit perfectly with your teams and your organization. And by the way, we offer an actual guarantee in all our recruitment contracts.

how we do it

how we do it

Detailed prepping, hard work, plus our secret sauce: an in-depth understanding of how a successful organization works, and an utmost care of the human being, people and soft skills. For instance, the emotional intelligence: anyone lacking or not developing enough emotional intelligence will be confronted with various types of issues sooner or later: a growing inability to enlist his/her teams, inability to generate trust and a deterioration of his/her own serenity and authenticity. Another top skill on our list is the capacity for collaborative innovation, i.e. the ability to create shared value with internal and external stakeholders, a must-have skill for Purchasing executives in particular.

high-end quality search

focus on the work that matters

Outsource your key recruitments with confidence and free up the quality time you need.


trusted partnership

Entrust us with your reputation, and we will develop it further! We couldn't work with you without reciprocal confidence, and the assurance that your corporate brand and reputation are in good hands. This is a trusted partnership. And because of our entrepreneur background and our passion for people, we hunt and convince your future talents as we did it for ourselves, we mean it.


  • Team & organization development
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A)
  • Leveraged Buy-Out (LBO)
  • Restructuring
  • Interim Management
roles & positions

key roles & positions

We specialize in headhunting and recruitment of purchasing, supply chain, innovation, R&D, finance, operations, sales, marketing and ICT functions. We work in partnership with medium-sized and intermediate-sized companies, major groups and their subsidiaries, and investment funds, for middle and senior management positions, and ExCom members, as well as for specialist roles that are rare to source on the market.


  • Purchasing & Supply Chain
  • Innovation & R&D
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • ICT & new technologies

cross-border reach

Our playing field is mainland Europe with extended business networks in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Estonia. We also reach out to the UK and Ireland thanks to trusted relationships with international recruiters networks and local head hunting firms. We have proudly and consistently helped organizations expanding their European footprint.


  • International expansion
  • Consistent cross-border team building
  • Search for abroad talents, due to a local shortage or the need to inject fresh blood in your teams with a different exposure

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