témoignages clients

Joseph Tapiero

Jean-Michel possesses a very strong knowledge of the food, catering and related services industries. He works extensively with a pan-European network of highly skilled professionals spanning through a wide range of functions like Procurement, Supply Chain, IT, Sales & Marketing.
What I value the most among Jean-Michel's contributions is how he acts as if he was actually working in our company. He also easily adapted himself to our company culture and business context. Working with Jean-Michel has been pleasant, efficient and insightful as he enriched our own needs analysis and as a result improved our time to hire on selected roles.

Purchasing & Supply Chain Director, Elior France
Christophe Boiron

Jean-Michel is an accomplished and smart executive head hunter who not only understands his client's needs in a snap, but anticipate them. One of his strengths is definitely his way to put the “Human” back in Human Resources, master and elevate his end-to-end relationships with his clients and applicants.
Thanks a lot Jean Michel!

Human Resources Director, Corsair International
Christophe Grégoire

I met Jean-Michel when I needed to hire a new Purchasing Director, reporting directly to me. This position was not only critical for the development of our company, but also quite tricky to fulfil, while in a LBO context and the change of our main shareholder. Jean-Michel demonstrated high-level skills in selling the position to the market, as well as pinpointing the right soft skills / talents we need for our organization. His capacity for fluidifying the recruitment process and making things happen in a smooth way is definitely a strength. Jean-Michel is a seasoned head hunter I undoubtedly recommend for building the right team.

VP Supply Chain & Chief Purchasing Officer, Buffalo Grill
Anne-Marie Bouteiller

As a customer, very efficient partner for talent searching, even in challenging contexts of remote location and tensed markets. During the last decade in different companies and positions, I chose Jean-Michel to help me build strategic procurement teams in international companies. In each specific geography, Jean-Michel demonstrated a solid market understanding and was able to activate a relevant network to identify the right person for the job. By his dedication to every singles mission and his world ethic, Jean-Michel actes as an authentic ambassador of our company during the 1st contact with candidates. In Solina, over the last 5 years, each of the person we have jointly recruited had successfully developed in the group. Any candidate would be lucky to have Jean-Michel as a head hunter!

Group Procurement Director, Solina